Aha! Bet you guys thought I was gone again … for a few months! But you were wrong! I’ve been trying to get my stuff together and figure out how I’m going to work on this blog amidst the other stuff that is happening in life. Yesterday was cray cray so I really couldn’t hope on here. I took Sweet Bud to the vet for just a check up {and that joker weighs 112 lbs!} He has to have minor surgery in a few weeks to remove a growth of sorts from his foot. I’ll keep you guys updated. Then, I had a crown seated today and another tooth beside it repaired. My mouth is crazy numb, but while sitting in the chair, I had plenty of time to think of what I was going to do.

I know I want to pick back up where I left off with the “clean/real food” eating. AND I definitely want to go back to where we were at in my autism posts {especially after I just read an article that Jenny McCarthy’s son never had autism.} AND I’ve had several request {no joke} on a post of hair pictures – new ones! My hairdresser, Rena’, loves that so many of you follow my hair! hah! AND of course, art. Because you know, this is the small words blog and small words is art. The rest are just freebies.

I have had so many people ask about when I’m accepting orders again. The only answer I can give is when I’m done with my current list. Below, at the bottom of this page, you will see what number I am on. I’m positive I have less than 17. But I’m trying to figure out exactly how many I have! I am currently talking to 14 people about their orders. That is right, I’m working on 14 orders/designs right now. AND you will all be happy to know, I think I got to the bottom of the inbox. There are currently 23 emails in there. Seventeen of them I have no idea what folder to put them in, but they have been addressed and the rest are current orders waiting on my response! Not too shabby! If I missed one from you, I apologize. I for realz have not seen it. Or it {quite possibly} got deleted! But that is an accident! I promise! I’m going to take care of my health! I’m going to stop consuming sugar, take care of my back pain with an inversion table, take it to the gym
and even (possible!) buy a treadmill. For women it may also shorten the length of brazilian wax if done in a professional salon.

This year, 2016, will hopefully hold great changes. Expect to see some things happenin’ soon – I hope big things. I hate to be vague, but the minute I spill the beans, ….. it will fall apart. I am also in the process of updating my website – it will soon be visible on IPhones, IPads, etc. Clearly, I was just a little out-dated. Ugh {so embarrassing.}

And as we all know, I hate a post without pictures. I thought this one was fitting. Mainly because it is of my kids – As you can see, they act like me – This blog is a part of me – This picture of my kids belongs on my blog in today’s post. Did you see how I just worked that full circle? What can I say, I’m good. {ha!}

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Scarlett has a themed room – ‘The Sound of Music.’ I had posted several picture on instagram and then ask for someone to guess what damask and edelweiss had in common. All the guesses were right – smarty pants{es}!

Before anyone even ask – yes, the damask was hard as {beep} … the pattern was tedious, time consuming and a huge challenge.

But it it was so freakin’ worth it! I loved how it turn out! And I’m already commissioned to do them again. But be warned, you will probably see the exact pattern because I’m determined to master it before I move on. {Don’t hate me.}

But I have to say the roses mean the most to me on this one. I have won one “art” award my whole life. Just one. And it was a drawing of a single rose that I did in high school. I’ll post a picture of it one day soon. The few times I come across it, I laughed at thecheeZZZiness of it. But I loved that drawing. Unfortunately, I can’t draw worth anything now. I think my hand has become one with my paint brush! But this is the first time in my 9 years of painting, I was asked to paint roses … actually she requested rose buds. I got carried away. It happens.

The Edelweiss is a “fuzzy” flower. I tried hard to fuzz mine with the brush strokes. Tried is the key word. Have you ever seen Edelweiss?

Now, you have.

I’m proud with how it all came together!!!! If you stare at the damask, you will get stuck in a mesmerized trance. Trust me on this … don’t stare.

For the past week, I’ve received a few messages asking me about doing tutorials and lessons on painting. I’ve not responded to them yet and I do intend to because they each asked specific and different things, but all on the end of teaching. I have no intentions of teaching “how-to’s” when it comes to painting. And the main reason is I don’t know how I do it … if that makes sense. I just paint. Yes, my first many sucked. A lot. But I just kept doing it. I’ve posted things like this before in the past and I guess it is time to do it again.

The thing you all need to keep in mind is art is different to everyone. I personally like many styles. BUT I only paint the style you see because that is the only one I’ve ever painted consistantly. I have enough confidence in my skill to know that if I wanted to attempt another style, I would do just that – attempt another one. And I would work on it until I liked what I saw. If I never saw any improvements, I’d stop. Please don’t take that as big-headed or cocky. That is nothing but confidence in my skill to learn while continually practicing and not confidence in me. I never watched a video. Didn’t read a book about it. No formal training at all – I just picked up a paint brush and painted. And that is what I suggest for all those out there that want to learn to paint. You will figure out what brushes work best for you. You will learn how to layer the paint that works best for you. And in return this will define your style.

Saying all that, there are times in the past that I’ve shown you certain ways I paint certain things. Recently, I posted me painting a circle on instagram. Only because I’ve had a blue-million people ask me how I paint circles!?! One of my most popular pinned posts is how I paint letters. I’m sure there will be more posts in the future showing you guys a specific something I do, but I really don’t know how to teach any of it.

Seriously people, if elephants are selling their artwork that they painted ….. anyone can paint without any type of training. I’m just saying ‘pick up a brush and paint!’

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I hate a head cold! I normally get one once a year. And, well, . . . my number is up and it’s my turn. It started to hit me on Saturday and I’ve just felt funky {or “fonkey” as Hudson would say} since. That was the same time it got Lawson as well. His poor nose is just straight gross!!!! Quite confident he needs an antibiotic, but I’ve got to get to the doctor’s office.
And guess what – we are snowed in yet again! And I have NO groceries! AND I have NO IDEA what I’m going to do about lunch? Lonnie got out to go to work and said it isn’t bad – BUT this homey doesn’t drive with any white stuff on the ground! I’ve got 4 kids in tow – I don’t take chances.
I have a sneaky peeky for you guys! It is cute!
Just wait to see the fabrics this is to match {the zebra is the glider/rocker in the nursery!}
Carson had a slight accident a couple of nights ago. The 3 boys were monkey-ing around when they were suppose to be sleeping. I could hear them but just tried to ignore it as I was waiting for Big Love to come on at the second time for the night {since I missed it the first time.} Normally they play {in the dark} for a few minutes, and then they go to sleep. I knew in a matter of minutes they would be snoozing. Well, then I hear Carson screaming at the top of his lungs – the type of scream that says “I’m really hurt, not crying wolf and I need immediate attention because I could possibly be in my final stages of death” scream. Honestly, even with that scream, I still meandered up the stairs thinking the tone in the scream would die off by the time I got to the room.
Well, it didn’t. He told me that the book shelf hit him in the face. Basically he hit his head on the book rack that hangs above Lawson’s trundle, beside Carson’s bed. I felt his head in the dark and finally came upon the knot. When I pulled my had away to go turn on the lamp, I felt it . . . . the blood.
I remember thinking, “please let this be snot and not blood. Please.” It was blood.

After Lonnie came home {minutes later,} we decided against the ER. He was in good spirits AND it had stopped bleeding. But what a black eye! And I’m sure this is going to scar.

{the morning after!}
I think all the kids are feeling “fonkey” because they are all laying here {quietly} watching Sesame Street?
Speaking of Sesame Street – as a kid, I thought Sesame Street was in Nashville! haha – Our city is next door. And alot of people live here in Murfreesboro and commute to Nashville for work. So, it made sense that Sesame Street would be in Nashville! {Apparently, my world was small!} That too, was before the super famous were on Sesame Street {such as Sarah Jessica Parker that is on now!?}
What did that have to do with anything – NOTHING! But I just thought of it and cracked myself up!
Since my kids are being so good, I might try to sneak in a few emails! I need to take advantage of this situation!
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16 JERESSA . . .

I thought I better get back into my blogging groove since I was getting emails asking if I was okay! Good news – YES, I’m good! And fortunately, my kids survived the first week of school and surprisingly, so did I!

This is the first year that all 4 kids were going to be in school. And no joke, I’ve been getting ready for school for the past several weeks! I think last year I made a comment about this, but school shoe shopping is the worst form of shopping ever. I was smart this year and took each kid shopping individually. I can handle a lot – but those shoes . . . ugh, just know that it usually gets ugly. But hey, if all 4 kids are going to school, it is a small price to pay!

I also tried to get Hudson into a different school this year. That consumed so much time and then it didn’t work out. I hate when my time is busted like that, but now I know that it wasn’t suppose to work out and I’m not left wondering if it was. And although this year started out very questionable, it seems to be smoothing out somewhat. I requested academic testing on Hudson. Since they do this testing every 3 years, he isn’t due for it till the end of this school year. Because Hudson does not have a diagnosis – by my choice – this might have been a bad request {for the testing to be done now} on my part. He is in the program because his speech was non-existant when he started – so we have been riding this train on that delay. Well, Hudson now has no problems with speech. Meaning there is no delay in that area. There are other issues {obviously} but I’m afraid for him to keep getting the extra he gets at school to continue, he will have to get that formal diagnosis. I mean, no matter what – they were going to find out about his speech in May anyways. He really needs these tests now so we can see how much that brain really knows!

So, guys – this might be it. I’ll finally know for sure. He has to keep getting the extra at school. If he doesn’t have a “developmental delay” or a “diagnosis,” he will be expected to do what all the other first graders do. Which in turn will cause boredom and then I’m quite positive will lead into behavior issues. Yep, pretty sure I might have some problems in my future.

Now you know where I have been. Busy.

But I’ve knocked out some paintings!! I’ve said this before, but I almost always post pictures of art on facebook first because it is quick. If you’ve not seen me here, pretty sure I’ve been there!

Let me just get to the point . . .

I love those pictures!

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27 – J . . .

It is that time of year again when I have to plan Emme’s birthday party. She is going to be 4 this year. She is the first kid that I’ve got that actually has a real and solid opinion. I’m stressing the “solid opinion” part. Because it really is. Really, really is SOLID. She knew exactly what kind of party she wanted, where and who was invited! No place was good enough except The Pottery Place to have her party. She has never been to a party where you paint anything – much less pottery. And I think I might have mentioned maybe doing a birthday party there 2 Christmases ago when the two of us were painting. Amazing what that little mind remember. So, I booked it for this Saturday.

Since you can’t really decorate The Pottery Place, the only things I was planning on getting were some balloons for each of the children {because we always do balloons,} plates, napkins and cake. I laugh because if it were up to her, this party would be looking more like a 50th wedding anniversary because her favorite color is “golden” right now. Gold is her favorite, but she will take anything metallic or pearlized. She knows those are not always choices, so she loves blue and turquoise, too. {Seriously, this was a past convo between the two of us. We have really deep talks.}

The two of us went out this past Sunday to pick out these said items – in who knows what colors! I had a plan in my head, but apparently she did as well. It was clear in mere moments that we were not on the same page. BUT, we work good together and we came to a compromise …. and she got a bag of M&M’s {because I know how to deal with a 3 almost 4 year old.} I’ve learned with her that chocolate is the ticket. I would wait for her to pop one in her mouth and then give her a few choices – and she would choose without whining or “I don’t like that.” That bag of M&M’s was totally worth it!

We now wait until Saturday for this party and pray that Lawson doesn’t flip when they sing “Happy Birthday” {huge possibility} or none of my kids break anything {huge possibility} and that all her gifts arrive on time {Amazon – you really aren’t what you use to be.} This is the first year that she had actual “friends” to invite since this is her first year in school – so this girl is excited! She wakes up every morning and asks, “On this day, is it my party day?” hehe – I can’t wait till I can tell her yes on Saturday! Hopefully I’ll get some pictures!

On to the next painting ….

This was one of those paintings that has a back story. Without going into too much detail, this was a gift for a family who had their second child after the sudden loss of their first child. They kept the nursery the same since it was gender neutral – sea/ocean room. It had everything from sea turtles to penguins.

You know how you hear one of those stories and then that is all you can think about for days? Well, this was one of those times. Turtles reminded them of their daughter. I didn’t take a picture of the sides, but the turtle pattern wrapped around the edges.

I love the this color combination – why have I never had another room to paint for with these colors??

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